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Why use Solar Water Heater

  • Solar water heater system is best solutions for heating water by using the energy of Sun. This energy is totally free.
  • Solar water Heater system is sun rays used for heating water. Water is easily heated to a temperature of 60 to 80 degree.
  • Solar water heater system is available in 100LPD, 150LPD, 200LPD, 250LPD, 300LPD & 500LPD capacity are suited for domestic use.
  • Solar water heater System life is more than 15 year. It is eco friendly and maintenance free product.
  • 100LPD solar water heater system can replace an electric heater for residential use and save 1500 unit of electricity annually.
  • 100LPD solar water heater system can prevent emission of 1.5 Tones of carbon dioxide per year.
  • Solar water heater system can be use for House, Hotels, Hospital, Swimming Pool, Dairy Plant, Laundry, Restaurants, Row House, Ashrams & Industry.

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  • Our vision is to produce the world class product in solar system with no compromise on quality, our top most priority is customer satisfactions so we continuously working out on providing the best services to customer.
  • We believe in to maintain the eco friendly environment and use natural resources. Solar energy is unlimited source of renewable energy it if utilized shall not bridge the gap between demand and supply of electricity but shall also save money.